Acute Cutaneous Lupus Erythematosus

Butterfly malar rash.

Clinical Background:

This 16 year old girl had a 3 year history of unexplained arthralgia and was referred to our Department because of a butterfly malar rash appearance.
High titers of antinuclear antibodies and anti-nDNA autoantibodies were found; therefore hydroxychloroquine (200mg/d) and prednisone (25 mg/d) were administered.
Two months later she had a riesacerbation of SLE with fever, a cutaneous rash involving the upper trunk, vasculitic lesions on the palms and oral ulcers.

Within a few days the cutaneous lesions extended to the upper trunk developing large sheets of epidermal shedding with a toxic epidermal necrolysis-like pattern.


The prednisone daily dose was incresed to 75 mg with a rapid improvement of the cutaneous lesions.

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